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The history about IISDOO


IISDOO's obsessive pursuit of "high quality"

Modern home environment increasingly emphasizes the personalization and customization. The selection of door hardware needs to take more consideration of the style of home environment, so there are stronger requirements for the matching of door hardware.

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Our Skills & Expertise

Most of door hardware brands lack close attention to market needs and user experience. But the rapid change and development of the market is not suspended. The speed and direction of products development may not meet the rapid development needs of the market.

For residential market, most of door hardware brands only focus on wooden doors application. lISDO0 is not only a brand for wooden door hardware, but also for glass door and aluminum wood door hardware. In this way, IISDOO could bring more possibilities for customers. And we believe IISDOO is the first brand that has a complete set of product line for wooden doors and wooden door with slim aluminum profile and glass door with slim aluminum profile.

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Brand Positioning


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IISDOO has own R&D team, including appearance designers, structural engineers and process engineers. 
In order to understand the latest needs of the market and offer product with high-quality experience, 
IISDOO keeps paying attention to the development of building materials and interior design industry.
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With the rapid development of door hardware industry in China, IISDOO can ensure the stability of product quality,but also has the cost 
advantage of the supply chain.
Eventually, IISDOO will become a brand for residential door hardware with sustainable development capability;
For end consumers, IISDOO can provide door hardware products with high-quality experience and stable quality.
For partners, IISDOO is a brand with sustained competitiveness and good economic benefits.

IISDOO is a brand belonging to YALIS company, and has undertaken the advantages of product development and manufacturing of YALIS.


IISDOO focuses on the hardware for home decoration, emphasizing to provide better hardware experience for the home decoration and provide products with higher cost-effective.

Logo of a famous door lock manufacturer
Logo of a famous door lock manufacturer
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Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1) Stronger product stability: EN standard is the main standard for internal and third-party testing.

2) Stronger R&D capability: add structural engineers and process engineers to better match the needs of customer customization and development; The new pilot scale experiment department is mainly to solve and avoid production problems before and during mass production.

3) Better service and experience: The marketing team of IISDOO provides marketing materials and services according to the promotion needs of partners, to assist partners in the local market promotion.

4) More stable comprehensive strength: IISDOO's headquarters in China has cooperated with many leading brands in the wood door and custom home industry. With the cooperation and experience accumulation with more leading brands, the company's comprehensive strength has been significantly improved.


1.Every year, there are new styles and new functions of products to meet market demand;

2.Due to the rapid changes in the global market, the original products need to be continuously upgraded and improved to meet market demand;

3.Brand building is not a one-day thing, so our brand has been registered in the core area to ensure the sustainable development of the brand and brand dealers.

4.The product line is not limited to wooden doors, but also involves aluminum-wood doors, ecological doors, slim frame glass doors and frameless glass doors to meet the consumer demand of the home improvement industry that is not considered upgraded;

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