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Structure innovation

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Structures are innovative

Door handles are one of the most frequent products on each project,

IISDOO's structural accessories have very high quality and longevity guarantees

which is why we insist on structural innovation.

matt black door handle for glass door



For framed glass doors

Application: Slim frame glass door

Door thickness: 8-12mm

It can meet the supporting needs of door company customers for the aluminum frame glass door series. The glass door does not require large-area openings, reducing labor costs and reducing the occurrence of glass door openings and cracks.

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Door handle with hidden function
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Unique Anti-violence Structure

The structure has a patent

and ensure that handle does not hang down

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60mm Magnetic Latch Lock

✔ Silent door opening

✔ Long-term using, cycle test reaches more than 200,000 times

✔ The adjustable strike case reduces the accuracy of the hole driving, and the adjustable range is 1mm left and right

black bathroom door handles
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Zinc Alloy Door Handle factory

Program-endless introduction

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The invisible door, also called the secret door, is a kind of door without a door frame, without a handle outside the door, and the door is integrated with the wall when the door is closed. There is a door handle on the indoor side, so that the door can be opened and closed, full of design sense

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If the elderly and children are locked in the room, you can use a needle to poke the small hole behind the doorknob to open the handle surface’s material, and then use a coin to twist the device to open the door.

black bathroom door handles
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aluminium glass door handle

Round & Square Handle This door handle has thin base and thick base styles to meet customer needs

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✔ 5mm rosette thickness

✔ 3.5mm inner metal magnetic rosette

double limit structure,make sure opening and closing angle,extending the life of handles,also keep silent too.

✔ 3mm escutcheon

there is Zinc Alloy material in 84/89 system rosette,more durable



Reduce 5mm thickness

we made these efforts

✔ 108 days structural adjustments

✔ 1600 times mechanical parts grinding

✔ 200,000 times opening and closing cycle tests

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